‘Content Creation for Virtual Worlds’ – Evénement au ITFS Stuttgart – 3 mai

‘Content Creation for Virtual Worlds’ – 

Challenges of merging valuable storytelling with cutting-edge technology in creating VR content


Les bureaux Europe Créative MEDIA Luxembourg, Munich et Strasbourg joignent leurs efforts pour un événement transfrontalier sur la réalité virtuelle dans le cadre du festival du film d’animation international de Stuttgart.

Lieu et date: 3 mai, 17h00, Metropol 3

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Evénement en anglais

Virtual reality is bound to revolutionize filmmaking in the years to come. By enabling new types of storytelling, VR will turn filmmakers into architects of complex and engaging narrative worlds that allow viewers to interact with, or even influence the storyline. VR creators therefore need to be able to combine age-old storytelling practices with new skills that go well beyond the mastery of VR technology. To create meaningful and captivating VR content, we have no choice but to fundamentally rethink the way we tell stories. 
Astrid Kahmke, head of VR Creators’ Lab (DE) – a training programme for VR content creation supported by Creative Europe – will address the seismic shift in creative thinking required to harness the potential of immersive storytelling. Vanessa Labarthe, VR project manager at animation studio Folimage (FR) will share specific challenges encountered during the development of AMNESIA, an animated VR series where stop motion and 3D animation techniques come together in a 360° environment. Fred Baus, CEO of realab (LUX) will explore how user-friendly software solutions like Virtelio can support creators in their endeavor to tell interactive and immersive stories. 

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