International conference on audience development – November 3-4 in Prague

Audience development is a priority of the Creative Europe programme.

Audience development should be a priority for cultural organisations. It is far from just being about marketing; audience development influences the planning of new activities, affects the operation, creation of the programme, and education. In addition to increasing the audience interest or revenue from ticket sales, audience development can be a strategic public administration tool and can play an important role as an intermediary in a fragmented society.

Renowned foreign and Czech experts will be discussing inspirational examples in practice, the agencies involved in the analysis of data, the role of the founders or of the involved cultural organisations, and the pitfalls of audience development. The second day will consist of specialised workshops and trips to inspirational cultural organisations.

The main guests of the conference include: Steven Hadley (Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland), Kathleen McInnis (See-Through Films, USA), and Anne Torreggiani (The Audience Agency, UK).

Information: Creative Europe Desk Czech Republic